Asset Recovery

Complete the lifecycle of your hardware and recover any remaining value your IT assets may have. SpareIT will buy your unwanted IT assets outright, give you trade value toward the upgrades you need or consign to sell your equipment for maximum value.
Buy Back
The buy back program is simple and a fast way to rid you of any unwanted used or surplus IT assets. Here is how it works:

  • Fill out our purchase quote form listing the items you'd like to sell or attach an existing Word or Excel Document.
  • SpareIT will evaluate each item on the list and make a fair offer based current market value.
  • If you decide you're comfortable with the offer, SpareIT will issue a purchase order and coordinate the logistics with you.
  • Upon receipt, SpareIT will inspect and test the equipment to insure it's in good working and cosmetic condition.
  • You get Paid!
Consignment is a true partnership between you and SpareIT which seeks to maximize hardware value while relieving you and your organization of unwanted IT assets. In exchange for an agreed upon percentage, SpareIT will manage all necessary steps required to maximize the resale value of your hardware. SpareIT will audit, inspect, wipe, clean, test, warehouse, repackage, ship, warrant and re-market the equipment.
As your organization's business requirements change so do your hardware needs and most of the time your current hardware infrastructure isn't conducive to your new business requirements. Good news, your unwanted IT assets are the same as currency to us. Use your current IT assets to offset the cost of new hardware requirement or upgrades by trading them in to SpareIT.
Although we stress the "re-use" portion of reduce, re-use, recycle, eventually all electronics will be retired. In the event your retired IT has no resale value, SpareIT works with certified e-cyclers to ensure compliance with all state and federal regulations.